Feature   Description
GENERAL Max Capacity 2.5 L
  Working Capacity 1.5 L
  Rated Time 2 minutes ON, 4 minutes OFF
  Circuit breaker Yes
  Dimensions (W x H x D) 263 x 437 x 259 mm
  Net Weight (kg) 5.31 kg
STYLE Colour White & Aluminium Dial
  Operation Dial
FEATURES Speed Control High / Low / Pulse
  Safety features Yes
  Blender Yes (1.0 L, Plastic)
  Dry Mill Yes (Dry Mill)
  Shredding Blade Yes (3 mm / 1 mm)
  Slicing Blade Yes (3 mm / 1 mm)
  Julienne Blade Yes
  Kneading Blade Yes
  Whipping Blade Yes
  Grating Blade Yes
  Citrus Press Yes
  Salad Drainer Yes
  Storage Case Unit Yes
  Brush Yes

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Panasonic Food Processor MKF500

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